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  • Whitney Hogue

    Whitney Hogue

    Enneagram 5 currently exploring Buddhism, feminism, socialism, body neutrality, grief, and Ms. Pac-man in Charlotte, NC.

  • Timothy Pecoraro

    Timothy Pecoraro

    Content creator, video game journalist, programmer, Linux enthusiast, and film buff. Top Medium Writer for Television, Books, and Reading.

  • Jennifer J.B.

    Jennifer J.B.

    Freelance Writer. I blog about books, self-publishing, history, dogs, and the occasional ghost.

  • Chris Zappa

    Chris Zappa

    Father. Husband. Writer. Consultant to the stars. Probably changing a diaper right now. cz@chriszappa.com

  • Esther Cooke

    Esther Cooke

    Kiwi copywriter @ thejoyst.com | Grab my FREE Medium blog post checklist! esthercooke.ck.page/m

  • Gina Denny

    Gina Denny

    B.S. Business/Human Resources M.S. in Child Development/Education. Erstwhile classroom music teacher. Homeschooler. Former foster parent. Married to a lawyer.

  • Genesis Lauu

    Genesis Lauu

    curation @ medium

  • JoJo


    Focus on exploring the unknown and finding the essence. Cognitive growth in the left hand, self-management in the right hand.

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