Make sure to consider these five key points

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While consumer-need and a problem to solve are the key building blocks of a business idea, what you name your business can be just as important. You need something to stand out amongst the crowd. It should sound professional enough to attract the right clients and be easy for others to remember.

When you’re taking the plunge and establishing your own business, consider these five points below. They may save you a lot of heartache, or heartbreak, down the track.

A few years ago, I set up a dropshipping store for bright clothes for little boys. My dream name was…

It’s a reminder that time doesn’t stand still.

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“Toot Toot!” went the little train through the tunnel and over the bridge. Down the track, the tough-looking engine pulled four carriages into the old English station. Tiny newspaper racks and plastic shrubs decorated the picturesque location. The little people were positioned for the hustle and bustle of the arrival, perhaps off to the big smoke of London.

None of the passengers moved, of course, and the CD played the sound once again. “Toot Toot!” and the train was off. Another loop of the display. Another group of happy children, in awe of the world of miniature before them. …

From an exhausted mother of young kids with a demanding job, a lot of housework but firm writing goals

My dream laptop bag for on the go writing adventures. Photo by the author.

I love writing. It’s my creative outlet and my way of being ‘me’ without defining myself by my job or family. It fuels me and drives me but, fitting it into an already busy life is tremendously difficult — particularly when I want to fully form my ideas and mindfully edit.

When I’m busy, which appears to be always, I need to consider my time carefully. …

Australian mother, busy worker bee, former traveller, on a writing journey.

As I write this, it’s 4:53 am. I’m in my king size bed but squished right in the middle, with my six-year-old and two-year-old on either side of me.

I’m lying on my back, typing on my phone, each arm firmly pinned to my side by my precious little humans. I’m trying not to move too much because even though I love them with my whole heart, I’m never quite ready for them to wake up.

Last night they refused to sleep in their own beds, as they often…

They already have it easy in life.

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Whether financial or experience related, academic scholarships have been circulating in the high school and university arena for the past four hundred years or so. They are a boost. A free pass. A ‘move to the front of the line’ ticket, and they are most often awarded to those who need it least. They go to the students who have already shone through, whose futures are already burning bright.

It’s bothered me for years as to why we (‘we’ being humanity) continue to reward people who have been blessed with supreme intellect. …

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As adults with responsibilities, we can sometimes have a hard time investing in ourselves with activities and experiences. Especially those that take place after 7 pm on a weekday. Parents are terrible at this, and parents with young children are probably the worst.

Spending time on our own activities, helping ourselves grow, relax or explore without the kids around can be last on the to-do list for a busy parent. Sometimes it’s for practical reasons, such as finances or lack of babysitting options, but for me, it’s mostly been about being stuck in a rut.

I’ve been a shocker. I’ve…

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The main thing I’ve learnt about Medium is how very addictive it is. I’m not a drinker, a smoker or a gambler, but clearly, I must have an addictive personality after all. I can’t stop thinking about Medium, about story ideas, other people's stories, what readers like and what’s just noise on the internet.

I had a blog for many years but never found the same kind of attraction. I’m putting it down to the level of engagement you get on Medium, the interaction and the community. It feels great to be part of something. …

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When I first had my daughter, I had no idea what to put in a diaper/nappy bag. I knew she needed stuff, but researching a daily tool kit was low on the priority list with so many new things going on.

My first attempt at leaving the house came a week after my gorgeous girl was born. After being stuck inside for longer than I ever had been, I decided to go for a walk. Just the baby, the pram, and me.

Still rather sore from the whole endeavor, I was only heading out for thirty minutes so thought, how…

When someone explodes about donuts, it’s not really about the donuts.

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With a six and two year old in tow, I’ve been trying to teach them lessons of kindness. Important I thought for a happy and worthwhile life however it’s been more challenging than I envisioned. It turns out that many adults around us don’t seem interested in playing ball with my parenting schedule.

‘Mum, why did that guy in the car next to us stick his finger up at you? Was he trying to say hello? But why did he look so grumpy?’. This was the conversation with my daughter as I drove her to school this morning.

To be…

And Five Simple Tasks To Tackle Them

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I started my first blog back in 2009. I discovered Blogger, and my world opened up. I couldn’t believe the platform at first. The inspiration I felt was palpable. It was like someone had given me the keys to my own creativity, and the possibilities felt boundless. Through my experience with Blogger and later WordPress, my casual hobby found an audience, and my writing found a purpose.

In the twelve years since, there have been times when I’ve struggled with particular issues, such as confidence, time and process. I’ve had to dig deep to work through these challenges as they’ve…

Jacqueline Eager

Australian writer. Focusing on parenting and following your passion for writing. A firm believer that persistence is the key.

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