Australian mother, busy worker bee, former traveller, on a writing journey.

As I write this, it’s 4:53 am. I’m in my king size bed but squished right in the middle, with my six-year-old and two-year-old on either side of me.

I’m lying on my back, typing on my phone, each arm firmly pinned to my side by my precious little humans. I’m trying not to move too much because even though I love them with my whole heart, I’m never quite ready for them to wake up.

Last night they refused to sleep in their own beds, as they often…

And it’s not about doing more.

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The to-do list of a working parent can only be described as scarily intimidating. Drop-offs, pick-ups. Healthy food in the lunchboxes. Supervision of homework. Tidy house. Dentist visits. Career climbing. Work training. The list is long, varied, and like a family laundry basket, it appears never-ending.

Being a working parent is often harder than people think it’s going to be. The sheer logistics of getting the family out of the house and where they need to be in the morning is exhausting. Parents often feel like they’ve worked a full day before their paid job has even begun.

Raising children…

How to avoid regret and resentment when navigating your options

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It’s a big decision to sacrifice your career, even a little, to spend more time with your children.

While most of us feel the pull to parent our kids directly as much as we can, the impact on a career is impossible to deny. Many of us have worked hard to get where we are, often with years of study and climbing the ladder behind us. The financial investment of a university degree, too, can be overwhelming to think about.

While it’s a real privilege to have the option to stay home, it can still be a tough one to…

However, it does take a few adjustments.

We’re currently eight nights into a family camping holiday with our six-year-old daughter and two-year-old tornado son. We’re at the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, and the beaches are simply beautiful.

I’ve always had a soft spot for camping as my family camped when I was young, so it’s wrapped up in my childhood. Each year, we had three or so weeks at a beachside caravan park just an hour out of Melbourne. I had my little dome tent, and for those 21 days each Christmas time, I felt relaxed, invigorated, and independent. …

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A building, a park. A beach, a market. So many different places in the world where personal attachments can form and deep connections occur.

As humans, we often fall in love with places just like we do with people. They can become part of our world as if characters in the story of our lives. Places can comfort us like blankets and break our hearts like an idolised pop star. They can be secret affairs or well-known commitments.

I got married in a beautiful church in Woolloongabba, sunny Brisbane. It was a place special to my husband, as his family…

How the responsibility of being a parent is sometimes hard to comprehend

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I’m at the playground, sitting on a park bench. The lovely warm glow of the spring sun is making me sleepy. I’m relaxed, with my book by my side. I take a sip of cold water and breath a deep sigh of happiness — this is the life, I think.

Then, from the playground, the voice of a screamy six year old can be heard. ‘Mummmmmm!’ comes the discontented little one. And more. ‘Mummmmmm!’. Big sobs can be heard following the girls cry for cuddles. She has obviously hurt herself or got into a squabble.

My immediate reaction is to…

Jacqueline Eager

Australian writer. Focusing on parenting and following your passion for writing. A firm believer that persistence is the key.

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