It’s been a big month.

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I joined Medium last month on my sister’s recommendation. She’s clever in all things entrepreneurial, so much so that she has a PhD in the field. As you can imagine, her opinions carry some hefty weight with me. As I’m at a crossroads with my career and starting to take on freelance writing work, she thought Medium would be a good place to build networks and put myself out there. Without a doubt, she’s certainly been right.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first month, experienced some mild success and collected a few learnings along the way…

Writing Tool #1

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Medium is filled with great writers, fascinating stories and insights. So much so that it’s left me wondering how I can contribute to such an established community. What can I bring to the party? Where is my niche as a contributor?

One thing I know about myself, and my communication style, is that I’m passionate about sharing information and working together as a team. I’m a more-the-merrier/let’s all pitch in kind of person. I want to bring value, as I gain so much value from those around me.

So with this in mind, I’m going to start…


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This post is an entry in Modern Parent’s “Am I Doing This Right?” writing contest.

There were four of us in our house during the pandemic in 2020 — my husband and I, along with our four-year-old daughter and baby boy. We had access to the news, the internet and our phones, but there were days when we truly felt like the only people in the world.

Our street was deserted. Children no longer rode their bikes up and down, yelling teases and rhymes as they went. The traffic noise that had filled our house if the door was left…

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There are objects in this life that change us, motivate and inspire us. They act as tools to help us unlock hidden treasures deep within our souls. Sometimes they help us discover something we didn’t know or think we had. While this may sound overly dramatic, it’s honestly how I’ve felt with my recent purchase of a brand new, glistening whiteboard.

I’ve had blogs in the past, ran a community website, and written a decent speech or two in my time, but like many authors I’ve read on Medium, I’d never really considered myself a ‘writer’. …

Being tired is different from being exhausted. If you are tired, you can have a good nights sleep and feel rested in the morning. If you are exhausted, your body aches with the desire to collapse, and ongoing fatigue can become your normal state of being. You forget things. You snap at people you love, and you’re sad because you know there is no end in sight. It can feel like a never-ending, lonely, dark hallway where you can’t see the exit sign.

The exhaustion of parents with young children is relentless. It doesn’t disappear when they leave the house…

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‘Milestones’ is one of the buzzwords you hear a lot when you have a baby. It’s in every baby book on my shelf and a go-to discussion favorite in mothers’ groups. If you were playing baby buzzword bingo — I can guarantee you, ‘Milestone’ will be the first box you tick at any doctor or maternal health nurse visit.

Milestones are essentially the basic skills that your child should achieve at the various ages of their development. Such as by two months, they should be paying attention to faces, and by six months, able to respond to their own name…

They say life changes quickly, and if you’re not paying attention, time will zoom by without you noticing. I’ve always been a bit sceptical. I mean, how can you not see things happening around you? Stuff happens, you see it, your brain processes, and you know where you are. Turns out I may not be altogether right on this one.

My five-year-old daughter just started playing soccer. It’s all ridiculously cute. …

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For most of us, working is a fact of life, a necessary component to keep us afloat, and so finding happiness in the workplace is a bonus.

There are special jobs out there. You know they’re good because you’re proud to tell people where you work. They are the ones that aren’t always perfect every day, but where you know your boss and team have your back. They’re the ones with good people, who become good friends, who eventually feel like family. They’re the ones that break your heart a little when you have to move on.

It takes a…

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There can be something terrifying about putting your thoughts and feelings down on a blank screen and then sending it out to the world. Revealing yourself to others — exposing your heart and your closely held opinions.

With the magic that is the internet, your words are just as likely to travel to unknown people and places as they are to end up read by family and friends. They could end up in the hands of future employers, ex-partners, or your grandparents. It’s all unknown, and you’re rarely in control.

Writing is an art, and just like any other forms…

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As my children play on the mat in front of me, giggling and dribbling away, I feel like their cuteness is going to blow my heart right out of my chest.

With their innocent big blue eyes and their perfect baby skin, I see them as works of art that I could stare at all day long. But alas, after a moment of pure mummy bliss, thoughts of work start flooding back into my mind and the moment drifts by me. I must make that call. I must return that email. I must work out those numbers.

Reality is back…

Jacqueline Eager

Australian freelance writer. Focusing on parenting and following your passion for writing. A firm believer that persistence is the key.

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