How the gratitude craze really makes me feel

Gratitude seems to be the mental health buzzword of 2021. It feels new on the scene.

Not so long ago, we were all getting into yoga, into meditation, and then a big batch of mindfulness hit the advice market. We needed to stretch, contemplate and eat slowly.

But then, at…

I’m standing in line for my COVID-19 vaccination. I booked the appointment five weeks ago, as soon as I became eligible. It was the earliest time slot I could get.

It’s a hot Australian day. I’m at the local showgrounds. The vaccination clinic is a series of large, military-looking tents…

And they’re free too

When I first started writing, I thought I needed to craft my articles in isolation, without assistance or consultation. As if learning from other people would somehow reduce the purity of my work or dilute the effort I was making.

How I now shake my head and laugh!

The reality…

Deciding if you’re brave enough to be vulnerable in your writing

With finite writing and emotional energy in each of us, at some point, we all have to decide who we’re going to be online.

Do we want to put ourselves totally out there, or do we hold back and maintain our privacy? …

How asking deeper questions will lead to deeper relationships

In a completely unscientific estimate, I would say 9 times out of 10, small talk with strangers revolves around how you earn a crust.

‘What do you do for a job?’ is the go-to starter at dinner parties or the school gate. …

They might just save you a lot of time and energy

Becoming a full-time freelancer is a big step. The decision is packed with emotions, with dreams and aspirations tugging at the heartstrings. The thought processes often feel like an ocean whipped up by the wind, smashing against a jagged cliff wall of practicality.

Will I be successful? Am I throwing…

And it’s not about doing more

The to-do list of a working parent can only be described as scarily intimidating. Drop-offs, pick-ups. Tidy house. Career climbing. The list is long, varied, and like a family laundry basket, it’s never-ending.

Being a working parent is often harder than people think it’s going to be.

Just getting the…

Jacqueline Eager

Content writer. Firm believer that persistence is the key.

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